"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"

By Mike Harnett

I was pleased to be asked to be one of three featured speakers at the recent TRUXPO 2016 event held in Abbotsford, BC. Hosted by the BC Trucking Association, there were over 10,000 delegates and exhibitors that attended over the course of two days.

My presentation, "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead", focused on fatigue with an emphasis on personal control strategies. Fatigue is a common issue within the trucking industry, and is often overlooked. According to Transport Canada, nearly 60% of Canadian drivers admitted to driving fatigued (I suspect the other 40% are fibbing), and 15% even admitted they fell asleep while driving. Needless to say, it’s a major concern in the industry. A huge shout out to Annette Decaire and the Trucking Safety Council of BC for putting together the speaker series and doing a top notch job! 

SIX Safety Systems delivers fit-for-duty solutions that mitigate the risks associated with drugs, alcohol, and fatigue in the workplace. 



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