Reflecting on the District Ventures IBM Innovation Space

It seems as though hardly any time has passed since SIX Safety announced our participation in the inaugural cohort of the District Ventures IBM Innovation Space, yet so much has happened during this time. The culmination of the program, Demo Day, was a rousing success and generated additional interest in our LUCI fatigue detection technology. Now here we are, preparing to leave this beautiful co-working space before the next cohort starts their own journey in this rewarding program.

SIX Safety has grown as a company during our time in the Innovation Space, thanks to the guidance of the many mentors and speakers who devoted their time and talent to the success of the program. We would especially like to thank the dedicated DV IBM team consisting of Natalie Arseneau, Rob McMurtry, and Alex Davoli for their tireless efforts.

Much of the growth we experienced was spurred by SIX Safety’s acceptance into IBM’s Global Entrepreneur program (GEP). “As part of the GEP, we received a great deal of support as we migrated our internal development tools onto IBM’s BlueMix platform. Our LUCI application is now fully built on the BlueMix platform and the next step is to become an IBM certified Cloud Partner to further forge our relationship,” says Chief Technology Officer Jay Boehm. SIX Safety is also making strides towards earning the coveted “With Watson” certification as IBM’s powerful analytics are further integrated into LUCI.

CEO Rich Robillard adds “IBM’s support during this process has been invaluable. The Innovation Space provided a solid platform on which to build our relationship with District Ventures and IBM and we are looking forward to nurturing and continuing our partnership by adding value to IBM’s enterprise clients with our leading fit-for-duty solutions.” 

We embarked on this journey with the other cohort members Ingu Solutions, Endeavor, GoPal, Integrated Life Solutions, Surge Mobile Technologies, PurLucid, and Phoenix AMC. These innovative companies are disrupting the marketplace and it was rewarding to work so closely with them, witness their growth, and celebrate their victories. Not only did we participate in programming as a cohort, but more importantly, we learned from each other and developed relationships that will last well beyond our time together in this building. As we say our farewells, we would like to wish all of the cohort I members continued success!

SIX Safety Systems delivers fit-for-duty solutions that mitigate the risks associated with drugs, alcohol, and fatigue in the workplace. 



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