Understanding Fatigue Workshops

Being awake is not enough! It does not mean that we are performing as well as we could or should. Inadequate sleep results in fatigue impairment, leading to increases in human error as well as significant health & safety consequences including elevated risk for diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, certain cancers, even Alzheimer’s.

Our fatigue subject-matter experts have developed a new one-of-a-kind course, based on the most up-to-date fatigue research to help you better understand fatigue and how it affects the wellbeing of your workers as well as the profit and productivity of your organization.

Understanding Fatigue: Causes, Consequences & Controls is a one-day workshop where you will learn:

  • The science behind fatigue accumulation
  • The neurobiology of sleep and sleep disorders
  • Organizational hazards contributing to fatigue
  • Personal factors contributing to fatigue
  • The impact of fatigue and drowsiness on health, safety and performance
  • Current and future legal liabilities, regulatory impacts and industry standards
  • Personal strategies including sleep hygiene and other lifestyle modifiers
  • Organizational strategies including tools and technologies to detect, monitor and intervene

We will also be announcing a 4-day Fatigue Systems Specialist course in early 2018. Continue to watch our website for details! 

View our current fatigue training course schedule

SIX Safety Systems delivers fit-for-duty solutions that mitigate the risks associated with drugs, alcohol, and fatigue in the workplace. 



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