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Understanding Fatigue: Causes, Consequences and Controls

Being awake is not enough! It does not mean that we are performing as well as we could or should. Inadequate sleep results in fatigue impairment, leading to increases in human error as well as significant health & safety consequences including elevated risk for diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, certain cancers, even Alzheimer’s.

Understanding Fatigue: Causes, Consequences & Controls is a one-day workshop where you will learn:

  • The science behind fatigue accumulation
  • The neurobiology of sleep and sleep disorders
  • Organizational hazards contributing to fatigue
  • Personal factors contributing to fatigue
  • The impact of fatigue and drowsiness on health, safety and performance
  • Current and future legal liabilities, regulatory impacts and industry standards
  • Personal strategies including sleep hygiene and other lifestyle modifiers
  • Organizational strategies including tools and technologies to detect, monitor and intervene

Understanding Fatigue: Causes, Consequences, and Controls (1-Day Workshop)
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Vancouver, BC

Understanding Fatigue: Causes, Consequences, and Controls (1-Day Workshop)
Thursday, April 26, 2018
Calgary, AB

Understanding Fatigue: Causes, Consequences, and Controls (1-Day Workshop)
Thursday, May 3, 2018
Mississauga, ON

Fatigue Systems Specialist (4-day Workshop) 
October 15-18, 2018
Calgary, AB

Fatigue Systems Specialist (4-day Workshop) 
November 19-22, 2018
Vancouver, BC

    Education and Awareness Training

    The following training sessions are designed to be delivered in-house to your organization. Please contact us for your custom training session quote. 

    Supervisor Training: Introduction to Fatigue Management

    Useful for:  Managers, Supervisors, OHS Consultants, S&H Committees

    This one-day fatigue management training session is designed to educate management about the effects of shift work, overtime, and on-call practices concerning performance, a risk for errors or omissions, as well as health and safety costs.

    Participants will learn practical fatigue management tools and strategies for implementation at the organizational level.


    Topics Covered:

    • Consequences of fatigue including risk for human error, safety, and the corporate bottom line
    • Fatigue as it relates to physical work, mental work, and driving activities
    • Corporate factors that influence fatigue including shift design work pace, environmental design, and job demands
    • Biological factors that influence fatigue including circadian rhythms
    • Personal factors that influence fatigue including the impact of age sleep habits and disorders, medications and substance abuse
    • Fatigue impairment vs. alcohol impairment
    • Analysis of shift schedules and overtime practices
    • Principles of fatigue risk assessment and control
    • Incorporating fatigue countermeasures
    • Legal liabilities and due diligence
    • Technology and fatigue detection

    Workforce Training: Coping with Shift Work

    Useful for:  Shift workers, family members, supervisors, H&S Committees

    It's not easy being a shift worker, or a shift worker's spouse. It's difficult to sleep, you have little energy, you're arguing more and more with your family, and your stomach has never given you so much trouble.  

    This shift work training session is designed to sensitize supervisors, workers and family members on the effects of shift work and cumulative fatigue. Workers will learn how to maximize their energy, alertness, safety and performance while minimizing the effects of fatigue.


    Topics Covered:

    • Understanding circadian rhythms
    • Short and long term effects of shift work
    • Optimizing sleep
    • The rules of napping
    • Sleep disorders and medications
    • Safety and alertness strategies including driving activities
    • Managing social and family schedules
    • Defining impairment
    • Nutrition and meal planning strategies
    • Fitness strategies to stabilize rhythms and enhance sleep


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    SIX Safety Systems delivers fit-for-duty solutions that mitigate the risks associated with drugs, alcohol, and fatigue in the workplace. 



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