LUCI™ Fatigue Detection Technology

Non-invasive, real-time fatigue and distraction monitoring

Technology alone does not mitigate fatigue but is an integral component of an organization’s FRMS as a tool to proactively manage real-time risk and assess the effectiveness of the FRMS. SIX Safety Systems’ innovative fatigue & distraction detection system, LUCI™ combines the powers of proactive risk mitigation and unparalleled data analysis. LUCI™ is real-time fatigue and distraction monitoring technology that uses near-infrared sensors placed on an operator’s dash/workstation to detect and measure the operator’s eye movements. The readings are immediately analyzed to determine levels of fatigue and distraction.  


LUCI Fatigue management distraction monitoring technology truck driving


Meet LUCI™ 

  • Non-invasive: no glasses, hats, or videos
  • Easily accessible real-time objective risk data
  • Robust back-end analysis and reporting
  • Compatible with most enterprise systems
  • Designed for a variety of vehicles and environments 

LUCI™ Product Brochure


LUCI real time fatigue management monitoring gauge


Frontline Risk Mitigation 

Through an intuitive digital interface, LUCI™ provides real-time feedback to operators on their current state of alertness and allows them to proactively alter their behavior. If LUCI™ detects unacceptable levels of alertness or distraction, both visual and audible alarms immediately alert the operator. 


LUCI fatigue management monitoring technology workflow chart



It is normal for operators to have multiple isolated alarms during a shift and self-correct; however, when alarms become more frequent, the risk may become unacceptable. At this point, LUCI™ alerts the responsible parties to intervene and assess the risk. Dispatchers, supervisors, and other accountable parties have easy online & mobile access to real-time alertness/ distraction risk data for their entire workforce. In the event that established risk thresholds are exceeded, notifications such as text messages can instantly alert the right people to assess the risk. Risk thresholds can be adapted as operational and environmental factors change. LUCI™ can transmit data over a cellular or wireless network and is compatible with most enterprise systems, and custom scalable solutions are available to assist organizations of any size, in any industry mitigate risk due to fatigue.


Fatigue management monitoring truck solution



LUCI™ is unobtrusive and detects the operator’s eye movements regardless of their age, sex, or ethnicity, and in almost any operating environment. Eyewear including prescription glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses (including polarized), and safety glasses does not hinder detection. The absence of wearables (hats/glasses) and recording devices ensures operator compliance and it is nearly impossible to deceive the sensors.


Fatigue monitoring for control room

Data Analysis

LUCI™ logs individual operator data in a database so that aggregated risk may be assessed. Additional operational & environmental data streams, such as existing fleet monitoring systems, can also be merged to create specific comprehensive risk management solutions that are incredibly valuable to the organization. Analysis of the aggregated data allows organizations to truly understand their fatigue & distraction risk exposure. As unacceptable risk is identified, appropriate mitigating actions such as schedule modification, training, planning, and/or policy changes can be implemented within the FRMS. 

SIX Safety Systems delivers fit-for-duty solutions that mitigate the risks associated with drugs, alcohol, and fatigue in the workplace.